SRVBC Club February 2012 Newsletter

   Well the banquet was a big success and a lot of fun. We had about 40 people show up, the food was great. We had lots of raffle items. I would like to thank everybody for bring a side dish and the raffle items. Mike Tauscher made a great speech and thanked everybody for coming. We gave out our Angle of the Year award to Kyle Gelles for 2011 and to his dad Paul Gelles got Rocky of the Year for 2011. That was assume, to have a father and son win those two awards. That has never happened in our club before. If you see them give a big congratulations. Brad Perkins from Dry Creek baits was our honored guest and he bought a lot of raffle items. If you get to see him thank him. Ted and Patti Simons let us use there auction barn to hold our banquet again. When you see them thank them again. Patti Simons took a lot of pictures, hope to have them up on bragging board before too long.

    Kyle Gelles and Josh Unruh are going to be running the American Bass tournaments this year. If you have any question you can call them at: Kyle at 208-201-1546 or Josh at 208-406-9064. They have their tournament schedule for this year. It is as follows:

The state qualifiers for TBF for the Eastern side of the state are out also and they are as follows:

  • June 30th at Walcott
  • July 1st at American Falls Res.
  • July 21st & 22nd at Milner Res.
  • Our next meeting will be on March 8th at Simons Auction Barn in Blackfoot at 7:00 PM.